London based therapist specialising in individual,family and organisational work

Individual Therapy & New Mums ( and Dads)

Sometimes in our lives we need support from someone who is not a family member or a friend.

Becoming a parent brings with it so many feelings….and it’s ok to ask for a little help

Family Therapy

Our lives can begin within the framework of a family, however these relationships can at time become ” strained”..and we may need help in understanding what the stresses and strains are.
Or our lives can be without a family framework and then we need help with navigating and making sense of what is ” our lot”

Workplace Therapy

Our working life is changing by the day at the moment. Our work place family may well have changed in the last few months….

Bridget Tussaud

Hello! I’m Bridget Tussaud

Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Director
Registered Member UKCP FPC BAPPS

I began my training at WPF (now Roehampton) and qualified on the Masters programme as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. Since then I have had an ongoing eclectic training in person-centred work, behavioural therapy, mindfulness practice, family, organisational and systemic thinking. I believe that professional development, both as an individual and as a therapist is an essential part of what I do and who I am, so I have continued to study throughout my working life.

For well over as decade I worked at Cruse Bereavement, both as a volunteer and supervisor at a local level and a supervisor running pilot schemes nationally. In 2016 I co-founded a counselling service based in South Kensington, of which I am the Clinical Director: “The Wilfrid Faber Counselling Service” (WFCS), which is now a registered charity.

I am also the governor of a large London secondary school where I lead on the pastoral and safeguarding aspects of the governorship. I have also developed an in-school therapy service called “Time to Talk”, which supports children, parents and staff.

I began my career in the property sector, helping people put together their homes. I found myself being more interested in peoples stories and problems than their material possessions.

An event happened in my life in the 1990s which caused me to seek therapy at a time when it was slightly taboo…and the wonderful therapist who helped me through a complicated time in my life suggested as I regained “my sense of self”, that I should think of training…this seemed a daunting task…4 years back at university…but it was the best of decisions. My family was growing up and with the support of my family off I went “back to school”.

Aside from my private practice and my charity and school work, I cherish my ability to help others much younger than me develop their careers…this is a profession where “wrinkles” can be good.

I split my life between my clinic, charity and school work in London with my life in the country with my extremely supportive husband and my dogs Meg and Ned.

Long walks on the beach for us all help keep me fit and well.

How does psychotherapy work?

Through a therapeutic relationship, it is possible to enhance our capacities to understand and regulate our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, which in turn affects our relationships in all areas of our lives. Therapy may also involve exploring, and recovering from, past hurts and traumas.

It is about learning new coping strategies and new patterns of thinking to keep ourselves emotionally secure.

Depression, fear and anxiety are the most common uncomfortable emotions that we can experience. Through therapy we can recover motivation, perspective and our own well-being.

The therapeutic relationship is a microcosm of our relationships in the external world, and it is the place to work through difficult issues that come up in other parts of our lives. The work done in therapy gives us the tools, resilience and resources to live our lives within a safer framework.


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